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Metro Nordic Youth Super Series

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Working in collaboration with MYSL in Minneapolis, MN and various race organizers a series of youth races have been developed to create the, METRO NORDIC YOUTH SUPER SERIES, MNYSS Pronounced "MINIS".

We would like to see similar series developed throughout metro areas that already host adult ski races. Giving kids who like to race an outlet for their energy and keeping travel to a minimum will help keep kids out of the car and on skis more. 5 kids races within 1 hour drive time of each other.

Ready to try some racing? Just love the excitement of the crowd? This series of events emphasizes fun while introducing kids to racing. Do one, do them all, do them with your friends!

All participants receive a ribbon or medal and treats at each event. All races happen on the same day as adult races. Entry fees vary, but are usually under $7. J5/J4/J3 racers can purchase a CXC racing license for $7.00 to earn points through out the series with year-end awards for the top three in each division. All kids that complete two races will get a year-end certificate from MYSL.

Race organizers run their own events with help from volunteers. Distances will vary depending on the location.

Classes are as follows (girls and boys):
5 and under - 100 meters
6 and 7 - 1km
J5 8 and 9 - 2 km
J4 10 and 11 - 2-3 km
J3 12 and 13 - 2-3 km

MNYSS Schedule

Jan. 2
Twin Cities Championships
Battle Creek, St. Paul 11:30AM

Jan. 23
Minneapolis SuperTour Wirth Park, Minneapolis

Jan 31
Marine/O'Brien Ski Race William O'Brien Park, Marine on St. Croix 1:30PM

Feb. 6
City of Lakes Rossignol Junior Loppet
for ages 18 and under 5km | 2:00PM
for ages 12 and under
1-2km | 3:00 pm
Uptown, Minneapolis

Feb. 20
Inga-Lami Baker Park Maple Plain, 11:00AM
Kids abnd adults are encouraged to race with costumes . . . FUN!

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