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"Getcha Head In The Game" Series to Feature Kids 8-14 Years Old Dedicated and Passionate About a Sport

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"Getcha Head In The Game"

CXC is looking for profiles for a well-known children's network interstitial series entitled "Getcha Head In The Game".  These profiles feature kids approximately  8-14 years old who are dedicated and passionate about  a particular sport.  The documentary style piece is about two minutes in length and will air on the network numerous times over the upcoming years. 

We are looking for a boy/girl who stands out in the sport of Cross Country Skiing. We are seeking kids who have a positive attitude and demonstrate a high degree of passion and love for the sport. He/she doesn't  necessarily need to be top ranked but must possess a great work ethic and derive tremendous joy from participating in Cross Country Skiing.

We are  currently gathering information on kids  from around the CXC region, picking top candidates but network producers are ultimately deciding which kids will be profiled.

Each profile takes a day to film.  A film crew will spend a full day interviewing the child, parents, coaches, etc....and filming the athlete participating in his/her sport. Filming will take place at some point between end of Feb. and mid-March.

If you know of a child who would be great for this project, please one sheet with the following information:


 -What makes them stand out?

 -If they have an interesting personal or family story we would love to hear it. 

 -Have they overcome any big obstacles to be involved with this sport?

 -Is the family involved in the sport?  Do Parents or siblings play or coach.

These profiles would need to be submitted to CXC at


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