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2010 Central Regional Elite Group (REG) Camp

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2010 REG Camp Recap:

Over the week of July 3rd- 9th, 2010 37 athletes converged on Crest Hill Resort in Hayward, WI for the Regional Elite Group Camp.  The first order of business was for the athletes to get their VO2 Max testing done.  By using a standard running protocol these athletes were put on a treadmill and physiological data was recorded.  This data was put into a PDF file, and was then explained to each athlete for the coming months of training.

After all data was recorded, the athletes were set to do 5 more days of two-a-day training.  The purpose of the training at this camp was to provide an even platform for the athletes to be evaluated by US Ski Team coaches.  Many of the workouts came in the form of testing – included in the testing was a 3k running time trial, rollerski obstacle course race, OO rollerski time trial, and SkiErg testing. 

In the evenings the athletes attended presentations by coaches and elite athletes that covered a wide range of topics.  The overall theme of the camp was to provide athletes with the knowledge they need to make informed training decisions into the future, and showcase their current level of fitness.  At the end of the camp two athletes were asked to attend a National Elite Group camp, and train with other elite Junior skiers from around the country.

Pictures from the camp are available at: (Flickr) and (Facebook)


July 3rd to July 9th is set for the annual Central Regional Elite Group Camp.


MADISON, WI (April 20, 2010)


Central Cross Country Ski Association is pleased to announce the 2010 Central Regional Elite Group Camp scheduled for July 3-9, 2010 at the Cresthill Resort, Hayward, WI.


Qualified top regional athletes will attend this camp including the CXC Elite Team and the CXC Junior Development Program. The goal of the camp is to provide an opportunity for top regional athletes to conduct testing, workouts and time trials together and to work with US National Team coaches. This camp also offers educational opportunities to athletes with evening presentations on training and team philosophy.   


Coaches: Yuriy Gusev (CXC Athletic Director); Bryan Fish (CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite Coach); Gus Kaeding (CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite Development Coach), Igor Badamshin (CXC Junior Development Coach); Matt Whitcomb (US Ski Team Development Coach), Justine Easter (CXC Director of Sports Education)  


Activities: Strength Assessment, Endurance Assessment, VO2/CO2 Testing and analysis (aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, intensity zones and fitness evaluation), Ski training activities (technique, distance, strength training, etc.).

Tentative Schedule:

July 3 (Saturday) – Arrival by 10:00AM

Morning: VO2/CO2 testing or technique training

Afternoon: VO2/CO2 testing or technique training

Evening: Test results analysis (Bryan Fish)


July 4 (Sunday)

Morning: technique & distance rollerski skate

Afternoon: technique & distance rollerski classic

Evening: Off


July 5 (Monday)

Morning: 3km time trial (track)

Afternoon: OFF

Evening: Physiology of Training Made Simple (Yuriy Gusev)


July 6 (Tuesday)

Morning: Strength Assessment

Afternoon: Obstacle Sprint Race (qualification & finals)

Evening: From racing in Youth League to racing Bjorn Daehlie (Gus Keating)


July 7 (Wednesday)

Morning: technique & distance rollerski skate

Afternoon: Swimming/Kayak/Canoe

Evening: 3 Season Athlete Balance (Justin Easter)


July 8 (Thursday)

Morning: technique & distance rollerski classic

Afternoon: OFF

Evening: USST Presentation (Matt Whitcomb) 


July 9 (Friday)

Morning: Rollerski skate time trial

Afternoon: Departure by 3:00PM



$300 – Central Regional Elite Group athletes

$400 – Invited Athletes

$500 – Petitioned Athletes

Online registration is open and available at:


Central Regional
Elite Group Athletes

Great Lakes Division

Midwest Division

Summer Ellefson

Corrine Malcolm

Matthew Nichols

Paige Schember

Annie Hart

Elenor Magnuson

Lynn Duijndam

Emily Humes

Hilde Gronveld

Maria Frick

Ruth Oppliger

Britta Schroeter

Ellen Wiitala

Evelyn Delong

Jessie Anderson

Lauren Rantala

Nicole Westphal

Sarah Allen

Sonja Mueller

Alan Toczydlowski

Elias Featherly

Greg Brown

Kai Sharp

Lyle Anderson

Mike McFadden

Ross Williams

Shayle Murray

Blake Murray

Eric Wagner

Abram Peterson

Ben Noren

Jay Woodbeck

John McFadden

Kelsey Boyer

Luke Gesior

Mac Brennan

Matt Dugan

Matt Wong

Zach Wagner

Brooke E. Adams 

Nicolette M. Amber 

Olivia Amber 

Nicole Bathe 

Connor B. Benton

Sarah Benton

Kevin P. Bolger   

Molly E. Burger

Steven S. Coozennoy

Andrew T. Dodds 

Matthew D. Dugan

Lynn M. Duijndam

Summer J. Ellefson 

Elizabeth H. Ellis

Alice Flanders

Nora Gilbertson

Annie E. Hart

Sonja Hedblom

Erica Hett 

Benjamin J. Hugus

Matt Jackels 

Scott E. Johanik

Deedra Irwin

Andrew Keller

Lewis Kunik 

Eleanor J. Magnuson

Ashlee M. Marshall

Kyle Marshall

Adam Martin  

Dylan J. McGarthwaite

Andrew Nadler

Matthew J. Nichols

Benjamin Ohman 

Christian J. Parr  

Elizabeth L. Peterson

Nick Power  

Lauren N. Rantala

Jennifer R. Rolfes

Benjamin Saxton

Paige Schember

Paul Schommer 

Elizabeth A. Simak

Eric A. Slater

Chelsea Tremblay  

Marissa Yovetich

Jessie Diggins

Petitioned Athletes
Athletes can petition in to the camp by sending e-mail to with their best three results from the last two years and a paragraph outlining athletic goals and how this camp will help achievement.

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