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2010 Birkie Junior Technique Camp

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Camp Recap by Gus Kaeding: On the afternoon of July 22nd the Jr. Birkie campers arrived at the Lakewoods Resort in Cable Wisconsin.  Ages ranged from 11 to 18.  The campers were met with an skilled and knowledgeable coaching staff including CXC coaches Yuriy Gusev, Igor Badamshin, Gus Kaeding, Justin Easter, and Olympians Garrott Kuzzy and Caitlin Compton.  The theme of the camp was constant activity.  Each day had up to 5 training sessions planned with games and presentations in between.  There was zero down time to sit around.  Any free time was spent mainly using the Concept 2 SkiErg.  The campers (and the coaches) slept very well each night.

Each day started at 7am with a morning jog and then some sort of strength or technique progression exercise.  After the early morning session it was off to breakfast.  The Lakewoods resort did a fantastic job or putting out a surplus of warm food for the hungry campers.  After everyone filled their bellies, the campers headed to their individual rooms to ready their gear for a morning roller ski.  Each morning after breakfast, the campers were split into smaller groups and sent with a coach to work on technique through a series of drills and balance activities.  With one eye towards safety, campers pushed their comfort levels on skis in order gain the confidence needed to race fast.  After the morning technique sessions, campers headed to the lake for a swim or to the lawn for some games.  Next came lunch, accompanied by the most glorious pink lemonade I’ve ever tasted.

After lunch (and maybe a quick nap for some of us) we changed ski techniques and headed back out on the roads.  Again the focus was on improving technique.  If campers weren’t quite comfortable on roller skis, there was an obstacle course option.  After three days of dodging cones, jumping sticks, and running on grass (all on roller skis) everyone looked awesome on their skis.  The late afternoon brought more games including some intense soccer and biathlon practice at the indoor range.  We had four laser biathlon rifles to hone our shooting skills with zero safety risks, pretty cool!  Dinner at 5pm could not come fast enough as some hungers were forged after a day or hard work.  Each night contained a presentation by one of the coaches then some inspirational ski movies.  Then off to bed where head’s hit the pillows hard.  Everyone worked hard and everyone had fun doing it.  Awesome time, can’t wait till next year!

"My favorite part about being involved with the CXC Junior Camp on a long-term level is watching skiers progress season by season.  It's really cool to see someone learning how to roller ski one summer and be back leading the group the next.  It's a real testament to the quality of coaches these skiers have at home, as well as their strong work ethic and motivation." - Garrott Kuzzy (Coach, CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite Team and 2010 Olympic Team Member)

"I think a lot of Information was absorbed at this camp, Technique, Training and What it takes to be an Elite Skier will forever be on the kid's minds. I am sure we will see a few of them at the Olympics someday." - Caitlin Compton (Coach, CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite Team and 2010 Olympic Team Member)

View pictures from the camp.

NEW THIS YEAR - Biathlon Practices (with laser rifles)!

UPDATE: Look for the Items to Bring checklist and CXC Membership Form in the attachments below. Those are the items we advise you bring with you to the camp.

July 26th to July 29th at Lakewoods Resort, Cable, WI

The Birkie Junior Technique Camp will be a 4 day camp for all ages of junior athletes to train together.  This camp will involve many different elements of dryland and rollerski training.  Athletes will do running drills, strength exercises, ski imitation, and rollerskiing during their three days at the camp.

Open 4-day high school camp is set for July 26-29 along with Level 100 technique coach’s education sessions

The goal of the camp is technique development in small groups (4-6 athletes per coach) and individual video analysis for instant feedback.



- Gus Kaeding (CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite development Coach)
- Igor Badamshin (CXC Junior Development Coach)
- Yuriy Gusev (CXC Athletic Director)
- Justin Easter (CXC Director of Sports Education)
- Caitlin Compton (CXC Team Vertical Limit & 2010 US Olympic Team member)
- Garrott Kuzzy (CXC Team Vertical Limit & 2010 US Olympic Team member )

- Classic technique (diagonal stride, double pole, kick double pole and dryland drills)
- Skate technique (V1, V2, V2 alternate and dry-land drills)
- Video analysis

$295.00 - High School/Middle School 4-day Camp (four per room)
$455.00 - Coaches 4-day Camp (two per room)
$270.00 - Coaches 2-day Camp (two per room)

Each participant will receive a CXC Nordic Shock Cords with Ankle/Wrist attachments value of $60.00


Tentative Schedule:


10:00AM - Registration (Lakewoods Resort lobby)

12:00PM - Lunch (on your own)

1:30PM - Afternoon Workout (Agility and Balance)

3:00PM - "Stick" Game & "King of the Line" Game

5:00PM - Dinner

6:00PM - "Amazing Awaits!" presentation by 2010 Olympian Caitlin Compton

7:30PM - Video of Olympic Games



7:00AM - Opportunity Workout & Stretching

8:00AM - Breakfast

9:30AM - Morning Workout (Skate Rollerski Technique Training)

11:00AM - Biathlon Practice (with laser riffles) or Tug-of-War

12:00PM - Lunch

1:30PM - Afternoon Workout (Classic Rollerski Technique Training)

3:30PM - Beach Volleyball or Beach Soccer

5:00PM - Dinner

6:00PM - "On the Right Track" presentation Gus Kaeding, CXC Elite Development Coach

7:30PM - Bjorn Daehlie Video



7:00AM - Opportunity Workout & Stretching

8:00AM - Breakfast

9:30AM - Morning Workout (Classic Rollerski Technique Training)

11:00AM - Biathlon Practice (with laser riffles) or "Flying Ski Pole" Game

12:00PM - Lunch

1:30PM - Afternoon Workout (Skate Rollerski Technique Training)

3:30PM - "Brain Teaser" Sprint on Obstacle Course

5:00PM - Dinner

6:00PM - "Faster & Stronger Tomorrow" presentation 2010 Olympian Garrott Kuzzy

7:30PM - X Country Video



7:00AM - Opportunity Workout & Stretching

8:00AM - Breakfast

9:30AM - Morning Workout (Classic or Skate Rollerski)

12:00PM - Lunch

1:30PM - Afternoon Video Analysis Session & Biathlon Practice (with laser riffles)

3:30PM - Adjourn

Online registration is now open and available at:

Items to Bring Checklist 64.6 Kb Download File
CXC Membership Form 1.3 Mb Download File
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