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2010 Birkie One-Day Junior Technique Camp – NEW!

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Camp Recap by Gus Kaeding: On July 22nd, at 9am the one day Jr. Birkie campers started to roll into the Lakewoods Resort for a day of fun.  Of the 11 campers, the ages ranged from 8-11 years old.  The campers were met with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaching staff including CXC coaches Yuriy Gusev, Igor Badamshin, Everett Myers, Gus Kaeding, and Olympians Garrott Kuzzy and Caitlin Compton.  The coaches were up early and had been well caffeinated in order to match the children’s energy levels.

The day began with some informal soccer games as we waited for all the campers to roll in.  Once everyone had arrived the fun began!  Introductions were done and names were learned.  Next came the theme of the day, water breaks.  It was hot outside!!  By 10am the temperature was already nearing 80 degrees!  Water in hand; he headed to a grassy hill for some dry land skiing technique with our resident Olympians.  Our goal was to ingrain correct skiing movements while keeping the drills fluid and fun.  After the drill, we had yet another water break.  Good hydration is important!  From the cooler, we split into smaller groups to maximize the fun factor.  One group headed to the “biathlon range” using laser rifles to simulate actual biathlon shooting.  Another group headed out to the sand to prove their skills on the volleyball court.  The third group laid down some grass stains on the soccer field.  Once every group had cycled through each station, it was time for lunch.

Because of the heat, the Shirley temple mix was by far the most popular item on the lunch table.  After everyone’s mouths were sufficiently red, we headed back outside.  The afternoon consisted of more games and a much appreciated swim in the lake.  By the end of the afternoon we had gone through two coolers of water which equated to about 8 hours of fun.  The kids were able to learn some of the basic principles of skiing and smiles were aplenty.  All in all, a huge success!  Hope to see everyone back next year!

"The enthusiasm that the kids had at the One-Day camp never ceased! They learned ski drills and played on the Ski Ergs for hours and hours. I was exhausted!" - Caitlin Compton (CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite Team and 2010 US Olympic Team Member)

"Working with the CXC Youth Camp tuckered me out more than most of my hard workouts - man, those kids have got some energy!  I'm looking forward to seeing those groms out on the trail this winter and on our future National Teams." - Garrott Kuzzy (Coach, CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite Team and 2010 US Olympic Team Member)

View pictures from the camp.

July 26th at Lakewoods Resort, Cable, WI


The One-Day Birkie Junior Camp will be a camp for age categories J5/J4/J3/J2/J1 (8 years old and up) of junior athletes.  This camp will involve many different elements of dryland and sport specific training.  Athletes will do agility “games” and technique drills, balance and strength exercises, ski imitation that will improve their technique and training in cross-country skiing.


Olympians Garrott Kuzzy and Caitlin Compton will share their Olympic Games experiences to help inspire our younger skiers.

The goal of the camp is technique development, and training techniques



9:00AM - Registration (Lakewoods Resort lobby)
10:00AM - Morning Workout (ski imitation, specific/general strength and agility)
11:00AM - Biathlon Practice (with laser riffles) or Beach Volleyball
12:00PM - Lunch (Lakewoods Resort, Lakeside Restaurant)
1:30PM - Afternoon Workout
(balance, agility and technique training with Mini Bands that skiers will take home!)
3:00PM - "Stick" Game & "King of the Line" Game
5:00PM - Dinner
6:00PM - "Amazing Awaits!"
Presentation by 2010 Olympians Caitlin Compton and Garrott Kuzzy
7:00PM - Adjourn


- Gus Kaeding (CXC Team Verical Limit Elite Development Coach)
- Igor Badamshin (CXC Junior Development Coach)
- Yuriy Gusev (CXC Athletic Director)
- Justin Easter (CXC Director of Sports Education)
- Caitlin Compton (CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite Team & 2010 US Olympic Team member)
- Garrott Kuzzy (CXC Team Vertical Limit Elite Team & 2010 US Olympic Team member)
- Everett Myers (CXC Youth Program Director)

Cost: $75.00

Online registration is now open and available at:

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