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Warning: This camp is not your lazy weekend! (by Jennie Bender)

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By Jennie Bender: "Warning: This camp is not your lazy weekend! Jessie and myself joined the fun early Saturday morning before breakfast, where we learned many new dynamic warmup activities from Steve Myrland. After a great breakfast from the resort, we headed out for our morning drills. Everyones willingness to learn and the four coaches floating about giving technical tips was a great vibe. We started with dryland drills, then progressed to good body position on skis with weight transfer, balance, core, and arms to follow. While the other athletes went to lunch, Jessie and I got in our 5x9min L3 intervals in the hot midday sun. Luckily our intervals as well as the resort was next to a big beautiful lake, where cooling off post-exercise was a given. Being the middle day of camp, everyone could pick their afternoon activity, whether it was mtn biking with Garrott, roller skiing again with Nina, or swimming/kayaking with me and Jessie. We even got the chance to try paddle boarding, which is standing on a surf like board while using your balance and core to paddle your self forward. This, needless to say, was a great way to stay cool yet get some exercise. In the evening, we got to hear Nina's Olympic stories, followed by a dinner banquet on the shaded deck outside. And this was all just Saturday! Dig out your inner child and come join us next time if you missed out! " 

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