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Jennie Bender Goes Canadian, Eh!

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After CXC Elite Team Member Jennie Bender won the Classic Birkie in February her winter looked bright, but with the cancelation of many of the Supertour events, Jennie made the decision to keep things on ice and headed north to America’s Tuque. She took Haywood by storm and finished 2nd in the 10k Classic, 3rd in the Classic Sprint against two top Canadian team racers, and 7th in the 5k Skate.

Bender shared some insight as to how she is going to warm up in Sun Valley and keep her streak hot...

Q1: What made you decide to race at the 2011 Canadian Nationals in Haywood, and what was your factor to do the race?

Q1: I had a few options going into March for races. My options were,

Supertour in Truckee, the OPA cup in Europe, or the Canadian

Nationals. Canada was my top choice, partially because the logistics

were better, especially once the Supertour was canceled. It was definitely a good decision. I stayed with my teammate Brooke Gosling who is from Canmore, and

enjoyed the venue, people, and atmosphere immensely.

Q2: After such an impressive Classic Birkie, did you have any expectations going into the races in Canada, both classic and freestyle?

Q2: I didn't really know how the races would go since I have never

attended Canadian Nationals before. It was fun to be at a big race

close to home where I only knew six or seven people. Its always

exciting going into a race you have never done before, because you

have no past result to compare to, good or bad.

Q3: How will you take your successes in Canada and translate them into your races in Sun Valley?

Q3: I realized before the skate that it had been awhile since I did a 5k. I was

really amped after such a good showing in Canada, and am looking forward to

having fun racing at Sun Valley, along with hopefully continuing my

result streak. I must say I am pretty excited that the majority of

races in Sun Valley are classic, since that seems to be my strong suit.

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