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2011 CXC Elite Team is Named

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The Central Cross Country Ski Association is proud to announce the 2011 CXC Elite Team.

Brian Gregg
Santi Ocariz
Karl Nygren
Eric Wolcott
Waylon Manske

Jessie Diggins
Caitlin Compton
Jennie Bender
Caroline Freeman

Additions to this year’s team include Caitlin Compton who was on CXC’s marathon team last year.  Although Caitlin enjoyed a strong season last year, she hopes to build upon that success by joining what has become a very strong CXC women’s team.  Other new skiers are Waylon Manske and Caroline Freeman who have been two of the strongest collegiate skiers in the central region for the past several years.  CXC very excited at their potential and are happy to add them to the mix.

A few high profile athletes have decided to move in other directions including Olympian Garrott Kuzzy who has taken a job directing bike tours in Vermont.  In addition after being named to the US Ski Team, Tad Elliott has opted to stay in his home state of Colorado.

Tad writes, "For the last two seasons I had a tremendous experience on CXC. I received great support from the coaches of Jason Cork, Gus Kaeding, and Bryan Fish. With being named to the US Ski Team there is a heavy travel schedule and it made the most sense logistically to stay in Colorado. I did not make the decision lightly. All of the CXC administration, coaches, and athletes are my friends. I will miss them this summer. I am looking forward to when the snow flies, and I can see all my friends again."

Also, longtime CXC athlete Matt Leibsch has decided to sever ties for now due to family constraints.  He adds, "After 5 years of skiing with CXC I have decided that it is time for me to move on. I leave with nothing but admiration and respect for the CXC program. However, at this time in my life it is best for my family and me to move in another direction. I will continue to ski at an elite level. I am thankful to Yuriy, the board, Bryan Fish and countless supporters, coaches, and volunteers who have helped build my skiing foundation."

All of these athletes have been invaluable to the CXC organization and will be missed.  CXC wishes them the very best and we are sure they will succeed with whatever path they have chosen.

The CXC marathon team has yet to be officially named.

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