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J2 Regional Development Group and Summer Camps

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On-line registration:

2011 J3/J2 Central Regional Development Group (Central J3/J3 RDG) Camp Schedule:


The Central Cross Country Ski Association is pleased to announce the J2 Regional Development Group (J2 RDG). This is a new initiative with the goal of providing training opportunities for the best J2 athletes from the Midwest and Great Lakes divisions with a similar concept as the Central Regional Elite Group (REG). J2 RDG camps will run alone the side with CXC Elite Team, REG and CXC Junior Development Program. 

J2 athletes that haven't qualified to the J2 RDG and J3 athletes can petition to participate in the camps, if space is available. Petitions can be sent to Yuriy Gusev at; please include your three best results from last season. 

Qualification Criteria:
J2 athletes that qualified to Junior Olympics (Junior Nationals) from Midwest and Great Lakes Divisions.

Evelyn Delong (GL)
Sarah Lyle (GL)
Anna Meese (GL)
Olivia Amber (MW)
Emma Barnes (MW)
Nicole Bathe (MW)
Amy Bianco (MW)
Sonja Hedblom (MW)
Vivian Hett (MW)
Keely Jackson (MW)
Alayna Sonnesyn (MW)

Andrew Bruning (GL)
Peter Karinen (GL)
Blake Murray (GL)
Mathew Berntson (MW)
Luke Brown (MW)
Harris Dirnberger (MW)
Jake Egelhoff (MW)
Sam Johnson (MW)
Alex Larson (MW)
Nick Proell (MW)

J2 RDG Camp Schedule:
June 17-19
July 6-10
August 12-14

On-line registration is available at

We would also like to congratulate the following athletes on qualifying to attend the USSA National J2 Camp:
Nichole Bathe (MW)
Alayna Sonnesyn (MW)
Harris Drinberger (MW)
Nick Proell (MW)

Athletes below were submitted by Midwest and Great Lakes Divisions based on results at 2011 Junior National Championships:  
Olivia Amber (MW)
Sam Johnson (MW)
Evelyn Delong (GL)
Pete Karinen (GL)

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Why do we do testing at the camp?

Tests are not required at the camp. However, tests are a great tool to teach athletes how to set goals, provide feedback and identify strength and weaknesses. It's measurable, objective and goal oriented. Many coaches and athletes do not realize that a lot of the technique elements come from weak areas in strength and conditioning. Kids have to be athletic all around to then be able to focus on technique.

For more information about the USSA National J2 Camp, please contact Camp Director Rick Kapala at: 208.720.7981 or via e-mail at:

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