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Q&A - TB Bank J2 National Championships

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TB Bank J2 National Championships

TB Bank J2 National Championships was traditionally called Eastern J2 Championships and accrues annually in March. This event features 4 races in 2-1/2 days and enjoy intense competition! The J2 Championships includes teams from other regions giving athletes an opportunity to experience what is potentially their first event with a National/ International flair.

TB Bank J2 National Championships is an open event for any young juniors. For more information visit 

CXC will assist and help any juniors from Central Devisions, their coaches and parents with race support at this event. Please contact Yuriy Gusev at

Junior National Championships (former Junior Olympics) in Soldier Hollow, UT is the number 1 priority event for all juniors. Link to Official Website - coming soon!   

TB Bank J2 National Championship (Former J2 Eastern Championships) is an additional opportunity to compete for young juniors (J3/J2), experience travel and race as a team.

Midwest Junior Championships (Minneapolis, MN) is another great opportunity for juniors to compete regionally among the best juniors (J2, J3, J4, J5 and youth) in Midwest in March 

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