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2012-2013 CXC Junior Development Program

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CXC Junior Development Program is accepting applicants for 2012-2013 season.

Goal: To provide year-round, sport specific, skill-based training program focusing on long-term development directed by high quality coaches and assisted by sports science professionals.

Vision: The vision of the program is to identify talented and motivated junior cross country ski athletes on a continuing and consistent basis; provide high quality program that positively impact performance and develop partnerships with the athlete’s coach and club.

About: Key components of the program include monthly specific goal oriented training camps alongside the CXC Elite Team, team atmosphere, detailed training plans customized to individual needs and program goals, one-on-one contacts with a full time coach, and race support at selected Midwest/Great Lakes Junior National Qualifying races.

Program Fee: $3,350.00


• May 25th - 28th, CXC Training Center (Telemark Resort, Cable, WI)
• June 11th -17th, CXC Training Center (Telemark Resort, Cable, WI)
• July 2th -8th, CXC Training Center (Telemark Resort, Cable, WI)
• August 6th-12th, CXC Training Center (Telemark Resort, Cable, WI)
• September 21st-23rd, CXC Training Center (Telemark Resort, Cable, WI)
• October 19th-21st, CXC Training Center (Telemark Resort, Cable, WI)
• November 20th-25th, CXC Training Center (Telemark Resort, Cable, WI)
• December 26th-30th, CXC Training Center (Telemark Resort, Cable, WI)

Training Plans: Athletes will start the season by meeting with CXC coaches and setting short- and long-term goals, based on past performance and current conditions. Plans are personalized within the scope of the team, allowing for both group training and focus on each individual's goals. Regular interpretation of improvements towards goals are made by athletes and coaches.

Race Support: Athletes that participate in the CXC Junior Development Program will have coaching and wax support at selected Midwest/Great Lakes JNQ races if they choose such support.

Coach: Igor Badamshin. Igor was an accomplished athlete competing at the World Cup (best result 5th place), World Championships (best result 3rd place) and Winter Olympic Games (best result 14th place) in the 1990s. Igor’s racing experience, knowledge of the sport and coaching expertise is the most important component of the program and helped many junior skiers to climb to the top of the podium.

Contact Information:
Igor Badamshin - 715.439.3879 -
Yuriy Gusev - 608.385.8864 -


Apply Today:

Program space is limited to 14 athletes. Igor will be contacting every applicant within 48 hours.


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