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CXC Academy 'Training Period 4' Release Coming Up

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The training plan has a nice mix of distance, strength, L3/L4 intervals, and speeds.  One aspect which can’t be scheduled due to individuality are race efforts.  If there is a 5k running race happening near you and you want to run, go run it! This should help to “mix things up,” just make sure to substitute it in place for one of the L4 workouts that week.  The goal here is to avoid summer training becoming too monotonous.  Training should be fresh and fun throughout the year!

Technique: Feel Your Arms Leading the Swing - aiding core engagement in V1, V2 and V2 alternate
Technique: Shuffle to Full Glide  Drill - on classic rollerskis
Technique: Figure 8 Drill on Rollerskis - exercise for turning

Period 4 has a significant decrease in weight; instead it focuses more on muscle explosion and power.  The reps are varied a bit so the body does not become accustomed to a specific pattern.  Each exercise is much more movement based than in the past. This means that there is less isolation and technique becomes extremely important.  Make sure to watch the strength video to do each exercise appropriately. 

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or anything, please leave a comment or contact us - we’re standing by to help out.

The team,

CXC Academy

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