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CXC Academy 'Training Period 5' Release Coming Up

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In period 4, we had an excellent blend of all types of training. Period 5 has more of the same with an increase in volume. 

When increasing hours, be careful of 2 things:  

1. Keep training fresh.  Train with friends or try different modes and activities, anything which helps keep training fun. 
2. Budget your time. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of recovery time to maximize each training session, this takes planning. Plan each aspect of your week (training, social, work, school) and make sure your schedule makes sense.

TRAINING PERIOD DATES: August 13-September 9


Technique: V1 with Arm Simulation - skate technique drill on rollerskis
Technique: Core Poling with Portable Power Jumper - classic technique drill on rollerskis
General Interest: Inge Braten - The Development of Classical Rollerski Technique - body and arms position for best muscle power


As summer draws to a close, so does this power/velocity focus in strength.  After first two weeks in period 5, the plan switches back to a max strength focus.  The difference from the earlier max strength routine is that the movements are much more ski specific. They target the muscles and movement patterns which directly link to cross country skiing.  This will continue to be a theme as we build towards on snow skiing.

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or anything, please leave a comment or contact us - we’re standing by to help out.

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