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CXC Academy 'training period 6' Release Coming Up!

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Outside stressors are the theme of period 6. Maybe school has started or your job has ramped up? Whatever the reason, period 6 usually brings stress to the body that isn’t induced by training. This means the overall training load has to come down slightly to allow the body to compensate. Focus on limiting the impact outside influences have on your training. After this, the training becomes more ski specific with an increase in intensity to prepare for the start of winter.


Technique: Kick Double Pole Drill  - on classic rollerskis with resistance band
Technique: V1 One Pole Drill  - on skate rollerskis
General Interest: Ski Walking Intervals - workout ideas using resistance band, weights and a skipping rope
General Interest: Inge Braten - The Development of Skate Rollerski Technique - preferred ski technique types for training


It’s time for strength to change. Last period focused on ski specific max strength. However, skiing is a very explosive sport. Each push is an explosion and the bigger the explosion, the further the glide. Thus, in period 6 the plan stays very ski specific but the movement become faster and more like a ski movement instead of a gym movement. You should be able to draw direct connections between each exercise and its corresponding ski movement. Additionally, the plan becomes a little more succinct in anticipation of more volume training on skis.  

Check it out!

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