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Order Toko Hats, Toko Nordic Wax and Tools for Your Team

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Dear Coach or Program director,

Please find enclosed the 2012/13 order forms for Toko Team Hats, Toko Nordic Wax and Tools. These order forms offer product to your team members at outstanding prices.

This is how the program works:

1. Locate a local Toko dealer. You can call us (800 343 8335) for assistance on that if you do not know of one.

2. Have the team make a group order and turn it over to the dealer as a Team Order. Please keep in mind that this is a one-shot per season deal.

3. You will receive the products after we ship the dealer. Generally, we ship within two days after we receive orders.

If there is no Toko dealer anywhere in your area, please fax the order to Swix USA directly at 978 657 8157 with credit card information.

Tech Manuals are available at (click Alpine, Nordic, Snowboard, or Tele, then go to Info Center). You can also ask us tuning questions directly to


Thank you and good luck!

Ian Harvey
Toko USA
Customer Service
800 343 8335

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