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CXC Academy 'Training Period 7' Release Coming Up

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At this point, you should be starting to smell winter. The key word of period 7 is “rhythm.”  That means whether you’re in school, working 3 jobs, or training full time it’s nice to find a training rhythm. Little things like preparation and recovery become important. Focus on being organized and you’ll find one day will flow into the next quite nicely. Also, it’s about time to start measuring yourself against others. Find a friend to do some of the hard workouts with, this will help with motivation.

TRAINING PERIOD DATES: October 8 - November 4


Technique: Working on Skate Push-Off - use of core muscles to aid forward body position and proper push-off in skating
General Interest: Inge Braten - Cross-Training- road biking during the off-ski season


Each exercise in period 7 is followed by a very similar movement but is meant to be done much faster. Be sure to add a decent amount of weight for the first exercise, then very little weight for the following exercise. There should be a large discrepancy there. Like last period, this routine is all about explosion, but in a different way than the typical max strength routine. Technique is key here, so do it right!


If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or anything, please leave a comment or contact us - we’re standing by to help out.

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