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CXC Academy - 2013 Birkie & High School Training Plans

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Starting in November, CXC Academy adds the American Birkebeiner and High School training plans to its roster of the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced level training plans!

TRAINING PERIOD DATES - November 5 - December 2
It’s go time. Winter is either here or on its way, so try and find some snow. The training continues to ramp up, - add more race pace workouts in an effort to make the final fitness push. The best way to learn ski technique is on skis, so get on them early and often! By period 8, you should be confident in your training, so trust it and get ready for winter!


Technique: V1 One-Pole Drill - developing a strong poling motion
Technique: The 6 Movements of Classic Skiing - major movement patterns that should get the most attention
General Interest: Double Pole Technique Changes in Recent Years - highlights from the 2012 CXC Coaches Conference


It’s time for some ski specificity. All the movements in period 8 have a direct correlation to skiing. They are meant to be quick, powerful, and snappy much like skiing. Core strength becomes more of an emphasis, because it can help to keep proper ski technique throughout race efforts. More than ever, proper technique becomes crucial. Do your exercises in front of a mirror and try and feel yourself using the same motions you do on the ski trails.

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or anything, please leave a comment or contact us - we’re standing by to help out.

About CXC Academy:
CXC Academy is a Web service that provides professional training plans for cross country skiers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner skier looking to finish your first 5K, a Master skier training for a big ski event, or simply looking to improve your overall strength and fitness, we have a training program to meet your goals. Regardless of the skiing background, everyone can make use of CXC Academy. Skiers or ski coaches, new to advanced - our program can help you develop better skiing technique, improve skiing fitness, design ski workouts and skiing practices.  

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