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CXC Academy 'Training Period 9' Release Coming Up

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If you haven’t sought out some snow by now, it’s about time to do so. Getting on snow early is important to build up balance and stability. Additionally, if you are forced to transition back to rollerskis a few times, you’ll have that snow feeling. As far as training goes, the plan still calls for some intensity but also adds a little volume taking into account the increase in early season skiing.

TRAINING PERIOD DATES: December 3 - December 30


Technique: Coach Skate Drill - adding additional power to the skating techniques
Technique: Double Pole Core Only With No Straps Drill - working on engagement of the core muscles
General Interest: Training Movements - the importance of movements for athletics and life


The plan remains very ski specific. It now becomes about nailing the details. To prepare for racing you want to develop some “snap” in your skiing. That means you feel a little extra spring to your step (but when skiing). This feeling can be accomplished in the gym. Make sure all of your movements this period are crisp and focused. A lethargic movement will become just that when you test it on snow. Think about being snappy in the gym and let it pay dividends on the trails.


If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or anything, please leave a comment or contact us - we’re standing by to help out.

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