CXC Annual Meeting

10 APRIL 2014

Dear CXC Skiing Members, It is time for a CXC Annual Meeting. The CXC Board of Directors announces the Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 4:00PM to 5:00PM at the CXC Office at 718 Post Rd., Suite E, Madison, 53713

Additional agenda items can be directed to Yuri Gusev, Executive & Athletic Director. Please RSVP to Yuriy at if you are planning to attend so appropriate space and materials are available.


The CXC Skiing Officers

  • Meeting Agenda

    1. 3344334433443344Call to Order
    1. 3344334433443344Call to Order
    2. 3344334433443344Approval of Minutes
    3. 3344334433443344Old Business
    4. 3344334433443344Financial Report
    5. 3344334433443344Programs Report
    6. 3344334433443344Membership Report
    7. 3344334433443344Interest Group Reports
    8. 3344334433443344Other New Business