CXC Super Fit Program Locations


CXC Super Fit ProgramGet your cross-country ski equipment fit by using a state-of-the-art CXC 3D pressure mat and light table.

Bring your old skis to test if they have a good fit for you, learn what conditions they will ski the best and compare them to new skis side by side. CXC Team athletes and coaches will also assist in finding your best pair of skis from the store's stock.

Each Superfit Weekend is also about getting advice on technique, training and waxing. CXC athletes and coaches will be on hand to complement the store's staff and assist you with boots selection and fitting, poles selection and length, ski apparel and wax box insights.

'CXC Super Fit' is a weekend sale program at select store locations filled with seminars, presentations and store specials. Receive information firsthand - talk to the athletes about the type of skis you need for certain snow conditions and ways to make them glide fast.

What is CXC 3D Pressure Mat?

3D Pressure Mat CXC's 3D pressure mat is the most comprehensive ski analysis device available to consumers. Simple in use and easy to understand it provides dynamic 3D live imaging of how your skiing forces are distributed through a ski's running surface as you move.

See your skis' reaction in 3 dimensions on a flat screen display. We can guarantee you will leave your SuperFit fitting not only with superbly preforming skis, but also with an in-depth understanding on how skis turn your kick and gliding motions into forward speed.

In addition to all listed above you will also find:

- Testing your ski fitness with Nordic Ergometer (simulates double poling on snow) *
- 'Taste of Nordic' free rollerski and dry-land clinic **
- CXC Super Fit Sweepstakes ***


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