Dear Club Coach/Administrator/Director,

Liability insurance coverage is an important aspect of the management of your club program.

The CXC Club Liability Insurance program (CXC CLIP) extends the excess participant accident policy to all club/CXC members via youth, junior, senior and adult membership categories. Use of CXC CLIP is not mandatory, as clubs may "opt out" of receiving coverage if they have other coverage that they prefer to retain.

For any club to be covered by the CLIP coverage from CXC, the following conditions must be met:

  • 1. The club must be a CXC Club member.
  • 2. All athletes or participants must be CXC Club members.
  • 3. All coaches must be CXC/USSA Coach members.
The CXC CLIP is included with all CXC member club registrations at the following rates:


* The basic membership rates outlined above guarantee insurance coverage ONLY. To gain entry into a Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC) event (CXC Youth Cup, Skiwerx Series, Midwest Junior National Qualifiers, CXC Marathon Cup) and eligibility to score points on the Regional ranking list, your club members will need to purchase a separate competitor-type membership with CXC.

Frequently Asked Club Liability Program Questions