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Become a CXC Ski Club Ski clubs give skiers their very first ski team experiences and train our current and future Olympians. From starting a club to keeping it thriving, the club programs and services are invaluable to building and maintaining a successful club.

Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC) assists cross country ski clubs and groups around Midwest/Central Region and beyond with educational materials and events.

As a benefit of membership, CXC provides clubs with a set of materials designed to help youth instructors, coaches, parents and volunteers with tips and ideas from how to organize ski sessions in an effective and constructive way to developing a successful personal training plan.

CXC has partnered with U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, U.S. Olympic Committee, XC Zone from Canada and the Norwegian Ski Federation to offer their educational materials to CXC Clubs members and individual CXC members at no charge.

Upon joining, member club receives:

CXC Academy1. CXC Academy Coaching Portal Access

2. Access to an online resource for Parents, Skiers and Coaches featuring...

CXC Membership Portal CXC TV. A variety of videos on a range of topics from general sport education to detailed analysis of the latest techniques.

Certified Coaching. Each program's strength is in its coaches. Everyone wants the most educated coaches working with the athletes. The coaching education section recaps educational opportunities for all levels of coaches, from grass roots to the elite level.

Resource Center. Helping youth instructors, parents and volunteers with tips and ideas on how to organize ski sessions in an effective and constructive way. Featuring a comprehensive mix of downloadable materials as well as helpful links to books and publications, research articles and educational media sources.

3. Compete in the CXC Marathon Cup as a TEAM!

CXC Marathon Cup Register as a CXC Club to compete in the CXC Marathon Cup as a TEAM.

The CXC Marathon Cup will bring the six most prominent marathons in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan into one cohesive competition. The races are evenly split between classic and skate techniques, with two classic weekends, two skate weekends, one skiathlon weekend, and one weekend with back-to-back classic and skate races.

Each team can have an unlimited number of racers eligible to score points for their teams by listing their team affiliation when they register for the individual races.

4. Receive 2 CRAFT head bands or hats for your club coaches with CXC Ski Club Logo.

Please note:
CXC club membership expires annually on June 30th.

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