Central Regional Elite Group Camp

The CXC Central Regional Elite Group Camp (REG) brings together the top juniors in our region to train and receive feedback, educational materials, and a glimpse at the bigger picture of Nordic ski racing. The NEG (National Elite Group) athletes are selected from the four REG camps around the country. Athletes selected to the NEG will be invited by the U.S. Ski Team to participate in additional camps. Bryan Fish will be the U.S. Ski Team coach attending the REG camp this year.

Central (CXC) REG Qualification Criteria:

- World Junior or U18 Nations Cup Qualifier
- NCAA Championship Qualifier
- 1 X Top 10 at Junior Nationals
- Returning Junior or Podium 2nd Year U20 Athlete
- Top 10 on year-end US Ski & Snowboard junior ranking list
- Top U18/U20 age group qualifier for Midwest or Great Lakes Team
- Discretion

Central (CXC) REG Camp Cost:

CXC REG camp cost is $450. Qualified athletes will be sent invitations to register for the camp.

2018 Dates and Location:

July 8 - 13 / Lakewoods Resort, Cable (WI)

Additional Requirements:

There is a requirement in place from the U.S. Ski Team in order to attend this camp. Every attending athlete needs to e-mail a summary of his/her training log from last year with monthly hours and total annual hour count, and a training plan summary for upcoming year in a similar format.

These two documents need to be submitted by June 1st by e-mail (scanned or photographed) to yuriy.gusev@cxcskiing.org. This information will be provided to the attending U.S. Ski Team Coach (Bryan Fish) prior to the camp.

Coaches Round Table Discussion:

Coaches, we strongly encourage you to be a part of the camp to assist in workouts. Participation in Round Table Athlete Development discussion on Saturday, July 8th from 7:30-9 pm is greatly appreciated. You are encouraged to bring other coaches from your area as well. Any coaches that will be interested to come for the full duration of the camp should contact Joe Haggenmiller to work out supported room and board.

On-line Registration | Questions? Let us know.

2017 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

7 APRIL 2017

# First Name / Last Name / Age Group
1. Peter Moore, U16
2. Alexander Nameth, U16
3. Mitch Delong, U18
4. Xavier Mansfield, U20
5. Luc Golin, U18
6. James Schneider, U16
7. Reid Goble, U18
8. Nicolas Niemi, U16
9. Patrick Acton, U18
10. Foss Kerker, U20
11. Henry Hall, U16
12. Anders Sonnesyn, U18
13. Zak Ketterson, U20

1. Sarah Olson, U16
2. Margie Freed, U20
3. Hannah Rudd, U20
4. Lucy Anderson, U18
5. Dottie Anderson, U20
6. Kelly Koch, U20
7. Abby Jarzin, U18
8. Erin Moening, U18
9. Jenna Parent, U18
10. Mara McCollor, U18
11. Anja Maijala, U18
12. Libby Tuttle, U18
13. Anabel Needham, U16
14. Erica Asmus, U16
15. Mary Lyon, U18
16. Kasia Bednarski, U16
17. Renae Anderson, U20
18. Nichole Schneider, U20

2016 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

13 APRIL 2016

# Name Gender Age Group
1 Nicole Schneider / Female U20
2 Amanda Kautzer / Female U18
3 Erin Moening / Female U18
4 Renae Anderson / Female U18
5 Margie Freed / Female U20
6 Abbie Drach / Female U20
7 Kelly Koch / Female U16
8 Michaela Keller-Miller / Female U20
9 Kristine Keller-Miller / Female U20
10 Abigail Jarzin / Female U16
11 Ingrid Thyr / Female U20
12 Siri Bohacek / Female U16
13 Sarah Bezdiczek / Female U20
14 Vivian Hett / Female U20
15 Mattie Watts / Female U20
16 Sarah Goble / Female U20
17 Alayna Sonnesyn / Female U20
18 Anabel Needham / Female U16

1 Leo Hipp / Male U20
2 Zak Ketterson / Male U20
3 Cory Rouw / Male U20
4 Will Bodewes / Male U20
5 Anders Sonnesyn / Male U16
6 Xavier Mansfield / Male U18
7 Nick Gardner / Male U20
8 Mitchell Delong / Male U18
9 Matt Chard / Male U18
10 Reid Goble / Male U18
11 David Jaszcyak / Male U18

2015 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

02 APRIL 2015

Roster with Name, Division, Age Group and Coaches - View

Erin Moening, U16F
Kelly Koch, U16F
Anna Johnson, U16F
Abigail Jarzin, U16F
Mitch Delong, U16M
Patrick Acton, U16M
Anders Sonnesyn, U16M
Nicole Schnieder, U18F
Abbie Drach, U18F
Raquel Wohlk, U18F
Sarah Goble, U18F
Zak Ketterson, U18M
Mack Fitzpatrick, U18M
Leo Hipp, U18M
Cory Rouw, U18M
David Jaszcyak, U18M
Alayna Sonnesyn, U20F
Vivian Hett, U20F
Sarah Bezdicek, U20F
Caroline Brisbois, U20F
Allison Ternes, U20F
Anna French, U20F
Ian Torchia, U20M
Tom Bye, U20M
Tamer Mische-Richter, U20M

2014 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes and Camp Schedule

24 JUNE 2014


Tom Bye - CXC
Kristen Bourne - NMU
Sonja Hedblom - MTU
Maria Hauer - Flyers Nordic
Scott Harrison - LNR
Luke Brown- LNR
Andrew Egger - LNR
Nichole Bathe - CXC
Olivia Amber - Colby
Amy Bianco - Colby
Ian Torcia - LNR
Zak Ketterson - LNR
Vivian Hett - LNR
Caroline Brisbois - Endurance United
Racquel Wohlk - Nordicwerks
Alayna Sonnesyn - Endurance United
Mattie Watts - Endurance United
Sarah Bezdicek - LNR
Nick Gardner - Endurance United
Erin Moening - Endurance United
Claire Benton - LNR
Amanda Kautzer - LNR
Anna Johnson - Mesabi East
Hannah Rudd - LNR
Henry Gore - CXC
Heidi Schwab - GLD
Abby Potts - Marquette
Carolyn Lucca - MTU
Mitchell Delong - CCST
Isaac Stone - CCST
Dan Wood - CCST

Strength and Agility Testing

25 JULY 2013

- View test results

2013 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

24 JUNE 2013

1. Zak Ketterson - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
2. Jan Ketterson - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
3. Vivian Hett - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
4. Tom Bye - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
5. Rocky Wohlk - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
6. Oliva Amber - Northwestern/CXC (Andy Keller)
7. NIkki Reker - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
8. Nichole Bathe - Madison Nordic Ski Club/CXC (Yuriy Gusev/Igor Badamshin)
9. Kaley Shagen - Loppet Nordic Racing (Piotr Bednarski)
10. Isaac Stone (GLD) - Copper Country Ski Tigers
11. Ian Torchia - SEMDEC
12. Hendrick Haataja (GLD) - Copper Country Ski Tigers
13. Harris Dirnberger - Loppet Nordic Racing/CXC (Piotr Bednarski/Igor Badamshin)
14. Evelyn Delong (GLD) - Copper Country Ski Tigers
15. Erin Lipp (GLD) - Traverse City Central High School
16. Delaney Fitzpatrick - Lakeland Union High School (Mike Bolger)
17. Blake Murray (GLD) - Superiorland Ski Club
18. Amy Bianco - Ely High School
19. Alayna Sonnesyn - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
20. Adam Martin - Knicker Nordic Ski Club/CXC (John Hugus/Igor Badamshin)

2012 CXC (REG) Qualified Athletes

24 JUNE 2012

1. Adam Martin - Knicker Nordic Ski Club/CXC (John Hugus/Igor Badamshin)
2. Alayna Sonnesyn - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
3. Ben Saxton - Minnesota Valley Ski Team/FAST (Ried Lutter/Bill Pierce)
4. Claire Galvin - Go! Training (Piotr Bednarski)
5. Felicia Gesior - NMU (Sten Feldheim)
6. Harris Dirnberger - GO! Training/CXC (Piotr Bednarski/Igor Badamshin)
7. Jan Ketterson - Minnesota Valley Ski Team/FAST (Ried Lutter/Bill Pierce)
8. Kyle Bratrud - NMU (Sten Feldheim)
9. Nicole Bathe - Madison Nordic Ski Club/CXC (Yuriy Gusev/Igor Badamshin)
10. Nicolette Amber - Middlebury College/CXC (?/Igor Badamshin)
11. Racquel Wohlk - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
12. Sharmila Ahmed - CSS (Chad Salmela)
13. Steve Hokanson - SISU Foundation (Kevin Brochman)
14. Zach Goldberg - Minnesota Valley Ski Team (Ried Lutter)