The CXC Youth Development Program (CYDP) assists any youth clubs and ski groups around Midwest/Central Region and beyond that join CXC as a club. The overall objective of the CYDP programming is to assist with introduction of more kids to cross country skiing at the entry level.

CXC assists youth clubs with a set of comprehensive materials designed to help youth instructors, parents and volunteers with tips and ideas on how to organize ski sessions in an effective and constructive way. CXC has partnered with XC Zone from Canada and the Norwegian Ski Federation to offer some of their educational materials to CXC Youth Clubs and Individual CXC Members at no charge.

- Long Term Athlete Development, 2.5 hour DVD | Source: XC Ski Zone, Canada
- CXC Ski School Activity Booklet | Source: The Norwegian Ski Federation, 13 ages
- Winter Activity Log | Written by: CXC | Illustrated by: Kay Lum, 20 pages