1st Place: ticket #080 (Gerald Biebel, Fairview, PA); 2nd Place: ticket #045 (Robb Lageson, St. Paul, MN); 3rd Place: ticket# 022 (Michael Hu, St. Louis Park, MN)

Thank you!


#1st Place
The winner will receive a custom designed, hand crafted, Eriksen titanium road frame built with a Shimano Ultegra wheel-set (or similar equivalent) and Shimano Ultegra speed component group (or similar equivalent). Total MSRP of the bike and included components is $8,500.00*.

#2 Place
Rudy Project Windmax Helmet, Yellow Fluo

#3 Place
Rudy Project Genetyk Racing White Gloss Glasses

We are selling 200 tickets for $100 each, keeping the odds in your favor! 100% of the money raised from this road bike drawing goes directly to CXC Adaptive Program for children with physical disabilities and visual impairment to provide programming, coaching and equipment.


Tickets go on sale starting August 3rd, 2016 until the 200 tickets are sold out. The winner will be selected at the drawing on October 4th. Delivery of a complete bike will be by April 1, 2017. Need NOT be present to win.

The drawing process will be streamed LIVE at the rubber duck race. A number 0-9 will be attached to each duck. There will be three races to assign one number to the winning ticket. The person's name that appears on the entry ticket after three races will be awarded the prize.

Sold Out

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Road Bike - Kent Eriksen Cycles, HED Cycling and Sram

Road Bike - Kent Eriksen Cycles, HED Cycling and Sram

Kent Eriksen Cycles

The bike is amazing. Every single part of the bike, from the frame to the wheels to the components, is light and responsive. It looks great too. To be able to win such a bike while supporting the sport I love makes it especially nice. Drawings like this are a great way for supporters to get behind all of CXC's cross country ski initiatives
- Marcus Thymian (Chicago, IL)

A few short years ago I decided it was time to retire my 20+ year old road bike and get something a little more up to date. I learned that Kent and Katie Eriksen were proud supporters of CXC so I decided to look into their offerings. I checked out their website and started drooling over the beautiful craftsmanship of their custom titanium bikes. I contacted Kent and Katie and found them to be both friendly and full of helpful information about getting a new ride. I went in to a local bike shop for a bike fitting and simply sent the resulting measurements off to Kent for evaluation. We talked several times and made a few slight adjustments to Kent's drawings until I was comfortable with the results. After choosing a few frame options and selecting components, I only had a short wait before my new baby arrived. Another short wait for wheels (which I got from HED, another CXC supporter), and my ride was complete. Unfortunately, it was late November at the time but I was determined to have my inaugural ride be on the road and not the trainer. It was very cold but I could tell I had found my dream ride. I'm still totally satisfied with my Eriksen road bike and can't recommend their bikes and the purchasing experience highly enough!
- Craig Heilman (Paoli, WI)

I own two Ericksen titanium bikes. My first Ericksen was a 29-er hard tail. My first ride on it was at the Telemark Forest endurance race. Tim Swift had mounted it for me and I went on to finish my best mountain bike result. At age 51, I smoked Brian Gregg Birkie winner. The only explanation I can offer is that the equipment is superior! The bike fits me so beautifully and has the right disposition. I am so happy I didn?t go with a stock carbon frame, there is no substitute for the expert fit and finish details of a custom built Ericksen mountain bike.

I was so pleased that, even though I am not a super road biker, I ordered a custom Ericksen road bike as well. My goal was to make my riding buddy Dan suffer. He is hanging in there quite well, but that is to his credit for training much more than me. The bike's fit is superb and I have never been so comfortable after a two hour pounding ride. At my age and with my back this says a lot. I highly recommend Ericksen to anyone who trains and/or races, I can?t image a better bike for a Masters Athlete.
- Oyvind Solvang (Glenbeulah, WI)