Mission Statement

Development and promotion of Nordic skiing opportunities for Wisconsin youth and junior skiers.

The League

The League is comprised of both school and club based teams located in communities across the state. The League organizes camps, races, and Nordic events for athletes in 5th through 12th grade.

Each February the League hosts Wisconsin High School and Middle School Nordic Skiing Sprint and Distance Championships with over 400 athletes participating on 33 middle school and high school member teams.
The structure and format of each Wisconsin Nordic Ski Team varies, depending on the school and community involvement with each program. School-based athletes are often eligible to earn a school varsity letter, whereas, club-based teams earn specialty team awards. Athletes of all skill and development levels are encouraged to participate. The fees, schedules, and team expectations revolve around the design of each individual team.

For more information about the Wisconsin Nordic Ski League, league schedules, or to sponsor a team in your community, please contact any of the league officers listed below.

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"Nordic skiing is an life-long winter sport that encourages fitness and wellness for communities, families, and athletes of all ages. The Wisconsin Nordic Ski League helps designs and promotes a Nordic schedule that is exciting, challenging, and fun for both school and club based teams. Get out there and ENJOY winter – skiing is an awesome sport!"

- Beth Reed, Washburn, WI

Wisconsin Nordic Ski League Teams

Northern Conference

4-H CANSKI (Chequamegon Area Nordic Ski Club), HS Coach Doug Liphart
4-H CANSKI (Chequamegon Area Nordic Ski Club), MS Coach Levi Illich
4591 Sports Development, HS/MS Coach Kris Hanson
Chippewa Valley Nordic Ski Team, HS Coach Ted Theyerl
Chippewa Valley Nordic Ski Team, MS Coach Carl Walters
Hayward Hurricanes Nordic Ski Team, MS/HS Coach Andy Kreyer
Lakeland Nordic Ski Team, HS Coach Jim Mullen
Spooner Nordic Ski Team, HS/MS Coach Randy Larson
Drummond Nordic Ski Team, HS/MS Coach Pete Caron, Eric North
Rhinelander Nordic, HS/MS Coach Charil Reis
Bruce HS/MS Coach Jenna Behrends

Central Conference

Bay Nordic, HS/MS Coach Noel Versch
Wausau East/West Ski Team, HS Coach Tracy Gorzek
Wausau Night Gliders, MS Coach Greg Kresse
Iola Winter Sports Club, HS/MS Coach Gary Weier
Wausau Nordic United, HS Coach Ross Dreger
Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team, HS/MS Coach Scott Putman

Southern Conference

Peak Nordic Ski Club, HS Coach Mary Eloranta
Peak Nordic Ski Club, MS Coach Anne Riendl
Ice Age Nordic, HS/MS Coach Dale Fanny
Northern Kettle Moraine Storm, MS/HS Coach Steve Scharrer
Madison Nordic Ski Team, HS/MS Jay Sween
Blackhawk, HS Coach Steve Swenson
Burlington Nordic Ski Team, HS/MS Coach Bart Kocha

State Championships

WI High School Nordic Skiing Distance Championships


2014, 15, 16, 17 - Cable, WI
2013 - Rhinelander, WI
2012 - Minocqua, WI
2011 - Wausau, WI

WI High School Nordic Ski Sprint Championships


2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - Madison, WI