Junior Nationals

The Great Lakes Division (GLD) Junior Committee serves as the governing authority for the Great Lakes Junior National Team. Their primary responsibility is to select a group of athletes who will represent the division at the annual U.S. Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Skiing Junior National Championships (JNs).

The Great Lakes Junior Committee is responsible for establishing and defining all criteria, operating procedures, and regulations related to Junior skiing in the Great Lakes region. This encompasses various aspects, such as the governance of the Great Lakes Junior National Team and the organization of Junior National Qualifying Races. The committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring the fair and consistent implementation of these rules and guidelines.

The selection process for the Great Lakes Junior National Team involves the use of a Divisional Points and Rankings List. This list is generated using the results from the Junior National Qualifying (JNQ) races. Athletes' performances in these races are taken into account to determine their points and rankings within the region. Based on these rankings, the top-performing athletes are selected to represent their respective teams at the Junior National Championships.

The primary goal of the CXC Cup is to provide junior racers with an opportunity to engage in high-level regional and national racing. These events are designed to not only offer junior athletes a chance to enhance their U.S. Ski & Snowboard National Ranking List but also potentially improve their FIS profiles. The CXC Cup aims to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all participants, including those who may not have aspirations of making a Junior National (JN) team. It encourages all junior skiers to compete against their top peers in the region.

While it is not mandatory for all junior skiers to participate in the entire series, trying a race in their local area serves as an excellent introduction to CXC Cup racing. It allows junior skiers to test their abilities and gain insights into their competition. Additionally, it is crucial for racers to have access to non-series races locally, as this enables them to develop a well-rounded and balanced competition schedule.

The overarching objective of the Midwest and Great Lakes Junior Teams is to introduce and elevate regionally successful athletes to the national racing scene. These teams serve as a stepping stone for talented junior skiers, providing them with opportunities to compete at a higher level and gain exposure on the national stage.