As the Regional Governing Body (RGB) for cross country skiing in the Central Region, Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) is responsible for overseeing the Great Lakes and Midwest Divisions' Junior Teams qualifying for Junior Nationals, CXC U16 and CXC U18 Championship Trips, which are held yearly.

The objective of the Salomon CXC Junior Cup events is to encourage young athletes in the U16, U18, and U20 age groups to enjoy cross country skiing and develop their skills, whether they are new to the sport High School skiers, aspiring junior skiers who hope to compete at the top national and international levels, or are somewhere in between. Events mix Olympic-style competition with elements of learning and fun for all levels - from beginning racers to those with International experience.

Qualifying for a Division's Junior National Team, CXC U18 Championships Team or CXC U16 Championships Team will also be a goal for many CXC Junior Cup athletes, and can be done at CXC Junior Cup Race events that are Junior National Qualifiers (JNQ). To score points for the CXC Junior Cup and JNQ Divisional Ranking List, you will need a membership.

The Junior Team athletes for each Divisional Trip (Midwest and Great Lakes - JNs, CXC U16, and CXC U18) will be selected based on the results of the CXC Junior Cup qualifier races in their division. The distance and discipline of the races will attempt to reflect the format of the Junior National Nordic Ski Championships races.

CXC Junior Cup


In accordance with U.S. Ski and Snowboard sanctioning requirements, all non-youth skiers (ages 14 and over) must be registered with the U.S. Ski & Snowboard to enter the CXC Cup races.

- Skiers with a Cross Country General Membership will be provided entry to the CXC Cup Events, but will not receive National Ranking List (NRL) points.

- Skiers wanting U.S. Ski & Snowboard National Ranking List (NRL) points, to be ranked and also seeded based upon national rank at CXC Cup Events must purchase a Cross Country Competitor (U16+) Membership.

- Members turning 18 during the season, which runs July 1st - June 30th, will need to complete Safe Sport, register for and receive a green-light background screening determination within 45 days of turning 18. Members will be activated after all membership requirements have been met. Those requirements may include one or more of the following items: SafeSport training, background screening (eligible on 18th birthday), Coaching Fundamentals and the 10-minute Introduction to Avalanches course.

Hopefully, your local club coach can help you navigate your membership questions if you are new to CXC Cup racing.

Please be sure to update your membership before the first competition!

CXC Junior Cup


Whether you are new to the CXC Cup races or a returning racer, here are some tips to help you feel comfortable with the process.

Registration for CXC Cup races typically closes on the Tuesday before the race. Plan your races and register early.

Give yourself the opportunity for preferential seeding, and increase your elite racing experience, by purchasing a Cross Country Competitor (U16+) Membership before the racing season starts and participating in all your division's CXC Cup races if possible.

If you are on a school team, good communication with your coach is essential. Work together to establish a plan that supports both your school team and your CXC Cup races.

The Divisional Junior Teams (JNs, CXC U16 & U18 Teams) will be named after the final race in the CXC Cup series.

Junior National team members must have a CXC/US Ski & Snowboard Membership. Serious competitors should not wait until February to do this, as lowering NRL points and getting seeded based upon the NRL at races are both important to having the best chance to compete.

Keep a close watch on the website as race and CXC Cup details may change rapidly during a season. The website will also be your first source for info on summer camps and clinics.

Finally, enjoy the experience of elite racing! The CXC Cup events are opportunities to meet and ski with the finest skiers in the Central Region of the country, and beyond. It's exciting, motivating and really fun.
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